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I'm leaving this site because honestly, I can't say anything without being called a liar. I can't help it that my family is wealthy and everybody else's isn't on this site. I brag sometimes but I can't help it. I love my son, my family, and my SO, and everything I have. I am in no way fake or a liar. I guess you have to be on WIC or Welfare to be believable. I'm no longer on WIC or food stamps because I can afford food with my own money and don't want to abuse to system.

P.S.: BTW, Mara(before you 'ban me', lol). Believe it or not, CafeMom is better. That site is WAY better organized and isn't just thrown together. It's much faster too and isn't always f**king up. They have more in-depth topics and forums, including a Wedding Planning forum that I've been suggesting(you've probably never seen it though since you reply to who you want). You show favoritism and only REALLY talk to those GME b***hes or their friends. Who the f**k has a 'Drama Corner'!? Isn't this suppose to be a site for grown women/mothers to give and share advice with each other? You're just inviting it by having a place for it. They already have themes for profiles and you dont have to 'earn points' and do stupid shit for them that helps pay Mara's bills. I'll get back to letting these girls bash me since you let them. In fact, instead of banning the ones that bash people and make hurtful contest toward women who don't bother them, you waste time banning fakes. You should've stayed in college Mara. No, I don't have any issues. I'm just being honest. This site is unorganized and the only reason many people stay is for the drama and she knows it. How do I know? She only bans the people who she ASSUMES is fake, but she lets the bashers stay because she's all buddy-buddy with them. CafeMom IS better. Seriously. No, it's not all rainbows at that site. It's doesn't have a need for a drama corner because once something that breaks the rules is posted, it's deleted 2 second later and the poster gets a warning. Not moved to 'The Drama Corner'. They do it again and they're gone. Just because I'm not on WIC or any PA and I'm a wealthy, educated woman, I get bashed. Psh, grown up ladies and get a really job Mara because I hope you aren't waiting for this site to pay your bills because if you are, you'll be on WIC soon.