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Ok... so I hate these "About me" But I Can't seem to move on until I talk about myself so here it goes....


I've been through a lot in life.. so anything your going through I can probably relate to or at least give it my best shot. In the few years I lost my grandmother, moved twice, got engaged, broke up, met someone else, broke up again, changed jobs and am now raising a 3 year old little girl all on my own.

I've made bad decisions in life, and I've made good ones, I lost the two people in my life who have impacted me the most and I HAVE NO IDEA how to raise this child with out them, but I'm going to do my best... ready or not here I go............

I'm a b***h,
I tell it how I see it,
weather you see it the same or not is not a concern of mine,
I ask lots of questions and hate when i don't get an answer,
I hate it more when I get a stupid obvious answer.
I'm like no one you ever met,
I'm sarcastic,
I'm funny,
I'm full of myself,
but self conscious at the same time,
I can't spell for the life of me, don't correct me because i don't care,
I'm a sweetheart,
I'm honest,
Too honest at times,
I will help my friends through anything,
but don't cross me.
I get along better with men than women.. 99% of my friend population has a p***s.... and no I haven't slept with them all... Have you?

:::I'm Single!!::
Yup... Single for most of my daughters life and I'm cool with that... Her dad's a drug addict and walked away... I had no idea.. makes me an ass but an ass with experience.. so feel free to ask me any questions you'd like.

The pregnancy':
Found out on Christmas eve... Panicked and went to sleep. Didn't face the issue until Christmas night... I instantly fell in love with my child.. So did my family. Swore i wasn't going to find out what I'm having... But found out anyway... good thing too because my gut was totally wrong!

::I'm NOT dating::

I'll admit it freely... I'm damaged, I have met every person in the world with issues... and dated them. I've dealt with the drug addict, the Ex con... the currently incarcerated or soon to be, the abusers, the cheaters and everyone in between. I GIVE UP!! Do I want true love sure. Doesn't everyone? Will I ever find it probably not and believe it or not I'm col with that.

::I'm BI Sexual::

Not confused... not just horny.... and no I don't sleep with everyone I meet. I fall in love with people, not body parts.


::I Love Animals::
I will take in anything if asked so please don't ask!!!! THE INN IS FULL
The residents of Nicole and Kira's petting Zoo are:
Calli- Shepard Pit mix... She kicks ass! She's truly my second child.
Nikko- the way too big for my house Shepard who doesn't realize that his butt is attached to his body.
Cleo- The amazing diapering cat
Anastasia- My daughters Guinea pig
Cutie- the bunny
and the fish!


and that's all for now...

Wow have you made it this far?? You deserve a cookie!!!!!!

GO ahead PT me... I dare ya... No really it's ok... Just stop by and say hi occasionally!

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