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Age 31
Gender Female
Status Married
Work surviving
Location Glen Burnie, Maryland
Interest I hate everything
Kids 4
Due Jul 19, 2014

Je suis Natalie, je ne parle pas francais.

By the way: I am NOT Alyson Hannigan

Children: Timothy *aka Stink or Buddy*(Oct 13 2oo2), Rebecca *aka Bean Butt or Beckers* (Dec 23 2oo7) & Rachel *aka Rachooo or Doodle*(Mar 11 2oo9) and Brody *aka Mookie or Mr. B* (Mar 8 2011) baby five due July 19 2014

Likes: a good debate, cheddar cheese, things that come in threes, medical books, taking naps

Dislikes: animals (unless they're dead and edible), smoking (stinky...), eggplants, people who are scared to disagree, sequins

Hates: Men that cry, my facial hair, Adam Sandler and PEACHES!

Fears: tornados, eating pork, air planes, balloons, big dogs, air planes, heights, air planes, caves..... and airplanes.

Goals in Life: eh....whatever.

Favorite Color: red

Astrological sign: Libra :)

Eggs: scrambled, lightly salted.


And yes, amongst the thousands and thousands of BG gals (and sometimes dudes), I've placed 3rd in BG's most Dedicated Mama. The people have spoken, and it is good.

..the end


Also, I'm on Myspace and Facebook....wanna add me? Just ask and I'll let you know if you're worthy enough.