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My husband and I are pregnant with our second child. Our daughter, Raelin Jewel, is Due September 11. Our first was lost during the second month. It took almost 2 years for us to get pregnant again but finally we have a miracle in the making!


April 20, 2009-19w3d
Well I had my monthy doctors apt today. Raelin is doing wonderful. It seems like everything is going great with this pregnancy except my back. Major pain in my lower back is stopping me from doing any sort of physical activities. Even cleaning my house! So my Dr. told me to see a physical therapist considering the pain is only going to get worse.. Ugh, other than that and the occasional round ligiment pain, Im fantastic..I also picked out the colors for her nursery. They are brown, olive green and baby pink..Im making her a baby blanket that will match her room..Im sooo excited!!