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Leah Jayde; born May 6th, 2009.
Time; 11:45 am
Weight; 6lbs 5oz


My beautiful daughter Leah was born on May 6th, 2009 to me and the love of my life Jeffrey. She has made our lives simply complete and is all we'll ever need besides each other.

editedmenmylady-2.jpgMommys Girl<3

missleahjayde.jpgMy beauty queen<3

daddio-1.jpgAnd these are the two loves of my live. <3
& I can't picture that ever changing.

R86vm7.pngWeight Gain So Far:
Birth; 6lbs 5oz
2 week check up; 6lbs 15oz
Went to the ER for a temp at 1.5 months; 10lbs 4oz
2.5 month well check up; 11lbs 7oz
4 month shots/check up; 14lbs 15oz
6.5 month shots/check up; 16lbs 7oz



I hardly enter contests, this was my 2nd one. yay.

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