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Expecting for the first time ... and can't beleive it!!!!:shock:

10/25/2008 Wedding date and started TTC
4/27/09 BFP:D (Finally took the test, 2 days after missing my period)
5/22/09 First docs. appt.
12/28/2009 DD might change!!!

5/7/09 A little bit about myself ....I married Alex October 25, 2008 in San Francisco California.He is from the DominicanRep. and moved to the USA to be with me ... (Yes we met online!!! :D). He has a daughter in the D. R. from his previous relationship, hopefully she will move with us in the future.

We have been TTC since our wedding (around 5 month) and it finally happend ... we are very happy and praying to God that we have a healthy baby.

Very glad I found baby-gaga and to meet all of you ...

5/22 I had my very first doc. appt. and met my new doctor ... her name is Mary and she is really nice!!! I got to see my baby and could see the hearth beat it was so excited!!!(Did not hear it since hte machine was not capable). I will have a C-sec due to my fibroid operation a couple of yearsago so the baby will be born @ 39 weeks just before X-mas.

6/24 1st part of the CVS test

7/17 Sched. C-sect for December 21, 2009

7/29 2nd part lever II U/S Result of the test came back possitive for D/S @ 1 in 28. Result of the U/S everything is fine and normal with the baby very happy!!! :D Decided not to do the ameo test ... I'll have this baby nomatter what I'm just hoping for "false positive"
Gender.................................... 'SURPRISE"

12/14/2009Baby Giselle arrived!!!! 6 lbs 3 oz 19 inches