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Age 23
Gender Female
Status Single
Work Icing by Claire's, West Edmonton Mall
Location Edmonton, Alberta
Kids 3
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I'm Nikita, I'm a single mom, but I get along very well with my kids' father. My kids are everything to me, but I am definitely not the stay-at-home mom type (but it's awesome if you are!) I'm a highschool drop out, with plans to get my GED and go to university for midwifery. I have an opinion on just about everything, but I do try not to be pushy about it. I am also completely willing to change my opinions on things as I gather information and experience. Pretty much everything I believed about parenting before I had kids has changed.

I am totally cool with random parenttanks, especially if we have something in common.



We co-sleep
I am anti-circumcision
I am against piercing infants' ears
I am pro-breastfeeding, but both of my kids had formula supplementation
I tandem nurse (soon to be 3 little ones)
I am against crying-it-out

I do not spank, but I don't care if you do
I use disposable diapers
I am a polyamorist
I play W.o.W., but I am really no good
I am completely for the legalization of marijuana

My son was born in a hospital, basically your textbook "cascade of interventions" that resulted in him getting stuck and me pushing for 45 minutes. But in the end I was healthy and so was he.

My daughter was born on the couch, she was 2 weeks "late" (I hate that term), but she was actually starting to become distressed, I had a cervidil put in and went into labour a few hours later. I had no pain killers and I pushed maybe 4 or 5 times. It was a great experience.