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Age 26
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Work Personal Shopper
Location North Carolina
Kids 18
Due Jun 15, 2013
My name is Marie Ann.
Feel free to parentank me, I love meeting new people!
I'm a mommy to the most amazing little boy. He's my heart and soul, he's my little miracle.



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Leukemia Graphics - Myspace 2.0 Layouts
Leukemia Graphics - Myspace 2.0 Layouts
I'm lucky to say that I am a survivor. I was diagnosed with Leukemia at 18 months old, my mother was told I wouldn't live, she wasn't even told that I had 6 months to a year, nothing like that just that I wouldn't make it. She wouldn't give up. I underwent some strong chemo, was my own donor for my bone marrow transplant and when I was two years old, I went into remission! Sadly, she was told that the chemo would probably take away my chances of having my own children. This last spring, I proved the doctors wrong again when I welcomed my baby boy into the world. Over the years I've survived the abuse of a stepfather, depression as a teenager, and ADHD without medication. While others may see life as a burden and harden their hearts after facing tough situations, I try to see the silver lining in it all and turn a negative into a positive. I was given my life for a reason, and it wasn't intended to be miserable!

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Best of luck to all mommies and those ttc