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Age 25
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Location Chatsworth, Georgia
Kids 3
Due May 20, 2015

. Vaida Winter-Lily Reynolds. Born 11/25/09<3
w1bci9.jpgMy little Vaida- Bug. She is unspeakably beautiful on the inside as well as the out. She has bedroom eyes and a smile that will make you want to quiver. She's my little short shit, with a gigantic personality. Though she throws the worst tantrums sometimes, she's a little diva and she isn't afraid to tell you like it is. She's my bug, and always will be. <3

Deja Ryella- Swan Reynolds. Born 07/05/2011 <3

34dn5fr.jpgDeja- vu bear! I love you, little girl. She's the serious little thinker that will leave you laughing your ass off with some of the looks she can give. She's a skinny little bird, with one chunky set of cheeks that will make you wanna squeeze the life out of her. Her eyes shut when she smiles, and it makes my heart melt. She's a darling little girl and I'm so glad she's mine. :)

<Photo Coming Soon>


My beautiful son, born September 19th, 2013. 

My first boy, the son I never thought I'd have. My blonde haired and blue eyed gerber baby boy. He has eyes that can make anyone melt, and a smile that can cut through any amount of sorrow. He's my little- big man. And I love you dearly, son.

My name is Kristin.

I'm expecting my FOURTH child on May 20th 2015.

I have 2 little girls. The oldest is Vaida, and the youngest Deja.  And a very vocal son named William.

I also have a step son, Parker.

I'm easy going, I don't take crap from anyone.

I love food. I love cooking.

I love DIY crafts, making masterpieces out of nothing.

I love my kids. They make my world colorful and bright.

My mom wasn't always the best mom in the world growing up. And my dad? Well let's just say I'm not really acquainted with him. I make it my personal mission to always be there for my kids. To teach them respect, but love them passionately. To catch them when they fall, but to show them that embracing your flaws helps you grow. And to always have them be able to say, "Yeah, she's my mom. I can talk to her about ANYTHING." I believe that your kids should be proud of you just as much as you are proud of them. They should be able to see the mistakes you made and grow from them as you have. They should never be afraid to confide in you, cry in front of you, or sometimes even ask for your help. I love my kids more than I can say, or show. I take pride in being a mother, regardless of what else I do or do not succeed at in life.