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My name is Donna. I'm married to the most amazing man, Joe ( March 1, 2008 ). We have an adorable 2 year old son...Daniel Peter! Born April 11, 2009. We also have a beautiful daughter Margaret Katherine, born June 22, 2011! I am happy to say that both of our babies were planned! I have a 10 year old pitbull who Danny loves to climb on...and an annoying fluffy cat! I worked in day care for almost 3 years and I quit when I was 7 months pregnant...I got to be a stay at home mom for 10 months! I loved every second of it. I got a part time job at Toys R Us Express in September! I only work 25-30 hrs a week and I spend the rest of my day with my little (...or huge) baby boy!

Dr appt 8/17/09. My baby is 4 months and 6 days! He weighs 19lbs 12oz! and he is 27.5 inches!!

10/20/2009 6 months and 9 days! Danny weighs 22.5 lbs and is 30 inches! Big baby!
Danny can get into sitting position by himself, he can crawl, pull up to standing and has just started cruising along all the furniture :)

1/20/2010 Danny weighs 24 lbs 11oz. and he is 31 inches long. He is completely transitioned to solid foods (he still drinks 3 or 4 bottles a day!)

4/16/10 1 year and 5 days! 26lbs 13 oz and 32.5 inches long!! Danny is now completely off the bottle and formula. He drinks whole milk usually from a straw sippy. He has been walking for 2 months and he is now working on eating with a fork/spoon.

7/15/2010 Danny had his 15 month appt today! He is 34 inches and 29.3 lbs.

10/25/2010 Danny had his 18 month appt. and a recheck from his hospital stay this past week. He is 36 inches and 31 lbs.

04/13/2011 At Danny's 2 year appointment he is 37 inches and 34 lbs! He can now speak a few full sentences and he is VERY vocal. We did speech therapy from July -Dec 2010...looks like it worked wonders for us! Danny switched to his big boy (fire truck!!) bed in Januray after he climbed out of his crib for the first time.