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DJQ1m5.pngliOOm5.pngWell my name is Mandy,
My hubands name is Shane,
We had a our son January14,2010

And we were married on February 14, 2011

I got pregnant around the 14th of april.
I had a doctors appointment on May8 and the nurse told me I wasnt pregnant, That supposidly it was only gas, BUT to watch closely if i got my period for that month cause i was defenetly late, and to take a pregnancy test 3 or 2 weeks later, So I did and it came out positive with both lines really dark!!

Update: 01/11/10 Had an ultrasound and got checked to see if I was dilated, I was dilated 3cms and my ob decided it was best to be induced since the baby was so low and he didnt want the baby to grow any bigger. On 01/13/10 I checked in and spend the night in the hospital. I was being induced in the morning, 01/14/10 My water got broken, After pushing and his heart rate dropping they decided to give me a c section because his heart was dropping and the baby didnt fit. At 4:35 Jaiden was born, with his cord wrapped around his neck he completly stop breathing after he was out but they got him to start breathing again and just before taking him away to the NICU they let me take a peak at his lovely face, He couldnt keep himself warm, two or three hours later they brought him to me, I love him so much! Im so happy that hes here and healthy!

Jaiden's growth-
January 14, 2010- birth- 7lbs, 19in.
January 18, 2010- 4 days old- 6lbs 12oz, 18in
January 28,2010- 2 weeks, 1 day- 7lbs 13oz, 20 1/2in
March 10,2010- 1 month 3wks 3 days- 12lbs, 21in
March 18, 2010- 2 months 4 days- 12lbs 23 1/2in
May 25, 2010- 4 months 1wk and 3 days- 15lbs, 25 3/4 in
July 23, 2010- 6 months 1wk 2 days- 17lbs, 27 1/2 in