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Hi my name is Jenah. I have 1 biochild and 3 stepkids! I recently got married to the love of my life, Shaun!
We lived in Indiana, moved to AL, and just moved back to IN :( I lived the dream there!
Lets see - my bio-child Keegan is 4. His dad passed away in 2012 from a OD... idiot.
My stepdaughter Brina is 15. Her BM just came back in the picture after being in/out jail/drugs for the last 13 years.
My 2 Stepson's are 9 and 10. The 9 year old (Miah) has Down Syndrome and Brian the 10 year old is my little redneck. Their BM is a POS and barely has any contact.
Together Shaun and I make this family work. He is my rock! Love him tons!