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Age 37
Gender Female
Status Married
Work designer frangrance and beauty distributor
Location Rochester, New York
Interest music, dance, travel, film, gardening
Kids 2

Owen Richard - January 26, 2010
Violet Sloane - July 12, 2012

Baby O, my husband Craig, and me - Kathryn. Morning of Owen's birth.

July17084.jpgOwen Richard - 5 months and 3 weeks. :)
552073_10151148169739568_780162539_n.jpgBaby Violet 2 months old

DSC_0489.jpgViolet almost 3 months old
Owen 2 1/2

About You:
Age?: 31

About The Father:
Age?: 29
Are you still together?:Yes, married and best friends!

About Your Pregnancy:
Is this your first pregnancy?:
When did you find out you were pregnant?:On Memorial Day - May 26, 2009
Was it planned?: Wasn't planned, wasn't not-planned. We were just going with it.
What was your first reaction?: to myself: Really?! I can get pregnant?!!!! then: "HONEY!"
Who was with you when you found out?:Craig
Who was the first person you told?: besides mt husband, my brother-in-law because he answered the phone and knew I was going to take a prego test.
How did your parents react?: Excited for us!
How far along are you?: I was 5 weeks when I found out, I am now 24 weeks
What was your first symptom?:Being exhausted when I was always the party girl. And heartburn.
What is your due date?: January 20, 2010
Do you know the sex of the baby?: yes
If so, what is it?: boy
Have you picked out names?: yes, it is all set.
If so, what are they?: Owen Richard Marlowe (my dad's name, and Craig's dad's name)
How much weight have you gained?: 15! :shock:
Do you have stretch marks?:not yet
Have you felt the baby move?: a lot :D
Have you heard the heartbeat?: yes

About the birth:
Home or hospital birth?:
Natural or medicated birth?:most likely epi
Who will be in the delivery room with you?: Craig and my mom
Will you breastfeed?: Yes!
Do you think you'll need a c-section?: Possibly since I have SPD (SYMPHYSIS PUBIS DYSFUNCTION)
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time?: I can guarantee it
What's the first thing you might say to him/her?: speechless type. Or "Oh my god, hi Owen."
Would you let someone videotape the birth?:no
Are you excited about the birth, or scared?:both!

1st Trimester
1-4 Weeks - 1 Month - Complete!
5-8 Weeks - 2 Months - Complete!
9-13 Weeks - 3 Months - Complete!
2nd Trimester
14-17 Weeks - 4 Months - Complete!
18-21 Weeks - 5 Months - Complete!
22-26 Weeks - 6 Months - Complete!
3rd Trimester
27-30 Weeks - 7 Months - Complete!
31-35 Weeks - 8 Months - Complete!
36-40 Weeks - 9 Months- Complete!

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