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On May 2nd I found out that I was expecting a little angel. June 5th was my first ultrasound and I saw this little gummy bear wiggling it's arms with a little heart pumping away. It brought tears to my eyes (9 weeks)
at 13 weeks I heard a heasrtbeat for the first time.
Week 17 was scary as a heartbeat was not found right away.But when it was found, it was nice, strong, and loud.
Week 23 (September 8) went in for my big sono and they said "It's a girl"
Had regular appointments up until December 10th when they said bp was high and I needed bed rest.
December 12th I started having contractions that were 7 to 2 minutes apart and irregular but strong. Went to the hospital and was on triage for 3hrs before getting a room. Was given Ambien to sleep and take the edge off.
Was checked and told I was 0 at 6am so I was sent home.
Went in for another checkup that Monday and they told me "you need to go next door to the hospital to have a baby"
So we went to the hospital and I was triaged for an hour then given a room.
They put in a cervadil to thin and shorten my cervix. My water broke at 4am on the 15th. They started the pitocin at 5am and had to up it to full power at 6am. I had and epidural put in place at 10:30am and got a second dose of it at noon.
At noon (2cm) the doc comes in and says "if you arent dilated past 2cm by 2pm, we will have a c-section."
So 2 hours later she comes in and I am a thick 2cm so she preped me for surgery.
I was numb once they gave me the double shot of an epidural
I was kind of scared about the surgery but i knew I could handle it. The surgery hurt quite a bit (only because of the pressure)
so 2:45pm Savannah Madiosn Jessie was born,
She is a beautiful angel and I love her with everything I've got.

Here I am 2 months later. Savannah is doing great. She is my little princess. She is getting so big and some people are shocked she is only 9 pounds. That's as big as some babies are when they are born. 9lbs is great for her since she was born at 5lb 8oz.
anyways. She is starting to smile and coo... She is such a good eater as well. She hardly ever spits up

The thing that makes her smile the most is blowing tiny puffs of air into her face. I know how that may sound, but she has come close to laughing when i do that.
Well, message me and comment my pics

Savannah is now 9 months old and will be 10 months in just 3 days. She is doing amazing.she is pulling up and cruising. She is easting a lot of table food. She has long beautiful hair and a wonderful personality. she loves to blow spit bubbles and play with toys, she pretends to cry if she wants to play with you. She is still quite the little princess. and the apple of her fathr and my eye.
Recently (5-24-10) I got married to a wonderful man Andrew C Penry. He is my soul and my other half.

Savannah is 10 months old and we are expecting number 2 in June 2011. I cannot wait to see this little one. I am hoping that it's a boy but i wouldnt mind another little girl.

Savannah is now 13 months old and I am still getting bigger by the day as it seems. Everyone at church is noticing my baby bump. June still seems so very far away. I will have an ultrasound in the beginning of February to determine if it is a boy or a girl. I am still rooting for a boy but i would love for Savannah to have a little sister to play with. Hubby wants a boy as well but wouldn't mind another girl. We are hoping Savannah is the only girl in a way because she can stay daddy's only princess. Well... anyways.... I am due sometime around June 17, 2011 and I will update soon if it is a boy or a girl.

IT"S A BOY!!!!!!! I knew it all along!! I just had a feeling

I feel as though I am days away from labor. Once I go into labor they are going to give me a c-section. If I don't go into labor, I have a scheduled c-section on June 10th. Today is May 29th so that day is close. As I said though, I am more and more achy every single day so I have a feeling it will be soon.

Today is December 27,2011 just getting around to updating. My beautiful son Memphis is 6 months old now. He and Savannah are my whole world. He is a real chunky boy. He is 23 lbs and Savannah is just 26 lbs at 2 years old. He is an amazing addition to our family

Today is July 24, 2013. About a year and 5 months pretty much since I have edited.My son is now a big tough 2 year old. My daughter is 3 and a little Sassy butt. I am hoping to start making number 3 somewhere in 2016 or 2017.