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Due Oct 08, 2012
My name is Jennifer and I can't wait to be a mommy!! I have a wonderful babys daddy ::D I just found out one of my best friends are preggo too!! On the down side i have had 2 miscarriages. The last times i didnt make it as far as i am now so that is a good sign. What is funny is the way i found out i was preggo. I went to the ER cause my back was hurting really bad and while me and josyd(babys daddy) was in the waiting room i saw a little babby and i told him i wanted a baby right now just joking and he said right now and i said yeah and he just laugh. So when i went back to the room the doctor ask me have i pissed on myself and i said WHAT no lol and i said i came here for my back and he said well you are pregnant lol.. It was a funny story but yeah anything else im forgetting im sorry