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I'm back! 23 (almost 24) years old, born on the 4th of July. Kaiden is almost 5, now. June 3rd, 2008. I am an NC state certified FIREFIGHTER. I love what I do! Currently in my EMS course so I can get hired as a career fire/medic. Also working as a beach lifeguard part time this upcoming season. Nothing I do is to be taken lightly. I train my butt off and am always learning more daily. I'm also sponsored to run multiple Tough Mudders to raise awareness for the Wounded Warriors Foundation, this year. Let me know if you're interested in more information!

"This is who I am, and you can't do much better than that."
Hi, I'm MJ.

tumblr_lsgjw7810y1qiuxc3.jpgAngel of mine, you've taken my hand. It surprised me. Running wild and free, I never thought I could be tamed. The places I've been since your birth, the places I still plan to go---all of these are places I'd never have considered if it wasn't for you. So while you grow, grow along side me. Try not to stray, though rebellious I'm sure you'll be. If you turn out to be even slightly similar to myself, you'll run as far as you can. Just remember that momma loves you. From whatever far away land it may be, from whatever sideline I might have to stand and suffer silently from, I will always be the angel that created your wings... right along side God Himself.


Bare feet running up the rain soaked drive
Smoke finding its way through the night time sky
Laughter coming from a southern state
Takin' me to my happy place

One more bottle, maybe two or three
Makin' me pretty for my date with you
That date likely will not ever come
I'm still soakin' up my night time sun

Home, home's down somewhere old
Older than where my roots are grown
I've been ripped up a time or two
All keeps me comin' back to you

Fried steak cookin' on the midnight fire
Car shows takin' up my Sunday hours
Classic paint, whoop ass and kettle corn
Never say you weren't amply warned

Lyin' in the bed of that rust bucket
Fire engine red, throw a party, a fit
Ride that bike in my low-cut shorts
Every second counts for all different sorts

Home, home's where I've barely been
The happiest times I have ever spent
Toledo Bend's callin' out my name
I'll pretend you're not doin' the same

Wakin' up in a new, strange place
Last night's make up on my face
I roll over to see if you're there,
You're as much here as you are anywhere

Strange is is something I seem to grow
Same people here that I'll never know
No fire flies, swamps or gators here
Fall leaves, cool air, white tailed deer

Home, home's where I run away
Make new memories every day
Pray to God I'll find a way to stay
In my home, home away from home.
RIP Cortnie <3

...and I am crazy.