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~Pregnancy Timeline~

October 29, 2009- I got a BFP pregnancy test! I was shaking and laughing like a mad woman!!! EDD- July 10th 2010. WOW- thank you Jesus!!! God is good! Hoping for some PINK sticky dust!

October 30, 2009- Decided to take the other digital test in case the first was a fluke. It read "PREGNANT" after 2 mins! I'm so happy!

November 9, 2009- Took them long enough to see me but I went and got everything confirmed- with a POSITIVE! Yay, STICKY DUST needed!

December 7, 2009- Was bleeding and went into the E.R. They said it could be a "threatened miscarriage" stopped bleeding the day after and had no cramping our baby is sticking strong!

December 28, 2009- Due Date changed to July 8th 2010. Little Snowflake is doing wonderfully. Dr. said she/ he is going to be long just like me and hubby. Got a few awesome pictures.

January 3, 2010- Went and had a 3D/4D ultrasound because my mom was visiting. Ultrasound tech didn't reveal the gender until the last shot but she said she is 110% positive its a little GIRL!!! "Buy pink, paint the room, and buy dresses I am 110% positive its a girl!"- ultrasound tech.

January 12, 2010- BAD kidney stones. I was in the hospital for 5-6 hrs and they didn't want me around sick people because of the baby so they sent me home.

March 3, 2010- Reconfirmed that its a little GIRL! Madison was really relaxed and "happy" in the spot she was at so it took a bit longer to see everything but the ultrasound tech said that everything looks normal and she weighs 14 oz. I got to see her pointing at up, and see her little fingers and toes. I'm looking forward to having her here with us, but right now I want her to bake until 40 weeks and be a healthy happy little girl when she arrives.

April 14th 2010- Went in for my 28 week appointment. I was measuring right on track. Dr said I could go in for my Gestational Diabetes test at any time and since hubby didn't want to go back to work right away he took me up to go get it done. The drink wasn't terrible and I was falling asleep in the waiting room. Then I went to get my blood drawn and I usually lay down so I was feeling pretty lightheaded when I was sitting up, but hubby thought I would be ok. I passed out and had to have smelling salts make me come to, then the nurse walked me across the hall and let me lay down and I finally got my color back. Found out later on that my sugar levels were in the low 70s/80s and I didn't have to go retest because its considered high at 120.

June 7th, 2010- 35 week appointment and Strep B test. Was also checked for dilation, she is head down, but hasn't dropped yet. I wasn't dilated at all. Dr found her heart-beat which was in the 90s and way low so she sent me up to Labor and Delivery where I was at for around 5 hours. Her heartbeat was great and didn't show any sign of being low.

July 8th 2010- Madison's due date! I was having strong contractions but not dilating past 2cm and 50% effaced. Dr told me to take an ambien and that she would see me in a week unless my water broke. I went to a different hospital for a different opinion and they told me that I wasn't dilating and to take an ambien try and sleep and if I couldn't sleep (in 1-2 hours) they would induce me. About an hour and a half later the pains were so bad I went back and I was 3cm 90% effaced and in "active labor". I dilated very quickly July 7th and Madison was born on her due date at 8:35 am.


Single mom since April 2012. Hopefully fully divorced by Dec 2012. If you have any questions just ask.

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