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My name is Monique, I'm 24 yrs old and I've been married for almost 5 years to my best friend and high school sweetheart. How cliche lol. We've had our ups and our downs and I wouldn't change anything about our relationship.
We were separated for almost a year then we found each other again and our love grew stronger.

After a few months of robotic sex TTC lol and 9 months of aches, pains, tremendous weight gain...

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We welcomed to the world...the love of our lives...our son Devlyn Page. He was born via emergency c-section on March 2nd 2010 weighing in at 6lbs 10oz and 19"long. After 10hrs of back labor my water broke naturally...the force of my water breaking cause his elbow to slip over his head and through my cervix. Everything from the moment my Doc checked my dilation was a blur until the moment I heard my son cry...and the moment they handed him to me 3hrs after my surgery. In an instant my husband and I fell in love.

The little monster is EBF and owns the b**bs and will let you know they are his!