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My name is Ericka, I am 20 years old and will be 21 in aug. I have a little boy who is 2, he was born March 15th 2010. I also have a 9 month old she was born Aug. 4th 2011. I am currently in college for Elementary Education, and i am a waitress at Waffle House, I am currently engaged to their Daddy, we have been together sine June 1st 2009.
24wal34.jpgThis is Jakbob Austin ^

when he was born and just a few months old, He goes by Kobi, He turned 2 this year in March and is slowly but surely potty training.
Here is an updated picture of my little man(2 years) (with his sister)
Jayci when she was born Aug 4th 2011
I went into the hospital at midnight on Aug 4th, and they sent me home, went in again at 8 am and they sent me home again saying i was not in labor, 2 hours later i had her at my cousins house in her bathroom floor, then was rushed to the hospital. -__- Kobi was so happy about his little sister! <3

This is Brennah JayciLynn, she Goes by Jayci or JayciLynn Bugg!
She will be 9 month old tomoro(May 4th 2012)
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My Kids are my world! I love them so much!!!!!