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I'm Devin. My boo was born Jan.10.2010. Her name is Lillian Claire Moore. She's amazing =)

It was strange thing becoming a mom. I never really intended on having kids, nor was I really a kid kind of person. But now that she's here she means everything to me. She is as bossy as it gets, she loves getting her nails painted, loves dogs, her favorite movie is Tangled(it's mine too), she loves chips way too much, she loves drawing....on everything, she can tear apart a room in .5 seconds, and she always steals my drinks. But she's the biggest sweet heart and so goofy.

I'm a single mom, dad has little to nothing to do with her. Which is fine, more love for me :) it's hard, but I don't mind. I work, go to school, and support me and her fully. I am very happy in the direction my life is going, no matter who tries to put a damper on my day.