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My name is Kelsey. I'm 22 years old. Ilove being outside, going to the beach, watching movies, hanging out with my friends. I'm a pretty laid back, easy going person ( that was before I got pregnant... its the hormones :)) I found out at 16 weeks that we are having a BOY!!! So excited. His name will be Caleb Andrew.


July 24- First day of missed period
July 26- first (+) HPT {took that morning} second (+) HPT later that day
July 27- Womans Health Clinic confirms pregnancy, said to be about 4 weeks and 5 days
August 28- 1st ultrasound, baby was moving like crazy
September 10- nuchal translucency testing- couldn't see the neck very wel, baby wasn't coopertive
September 18- OB appt.
September 24- 2nd try at the nuchal translucency testing
October 16- Appt. with the maternal fetal doctor b/c my BP was up a bit at the last 2 appts; found out with the ultrasound they did that its a baby BOY :)
October 20- Regular check- Baby heartbeat 146
November 3- Regular check up- Baby heartbeat in 130's
November 17- Regular check up- Baby heartbeat in 150's- my blood pressure was kinda high' dr. wants me on medication
December 1- regular check up; everything normal
December 3- ultrasound; baby looks good, weighs about 1 pound 2 ounces
December 15- regular check up; my blood pressure is normal still; baby has turned himself upside down
December 27- Glucose test
January 3- ultrasound; baby weighs 2 lbs 13 oz
January 15- regular check up; glucose test came back normal
January 27- regular check up ; put me on some blood pressure meds cause my BP was a little high
February 4- ultrasound- baby weighs approx. 4 lbs 11 oz; due date estimated to be March 28th instead of March 31st
February 10- regular check up; scheduled me for u/s March 4 find out baby's weight
February 11- went to hospital with severe pelvic pain; checked to make sure not having contractions; doctor thinks my hips are starting to seperate and that baby has dropped so lots of pressure on my pelvis
February 24- dr appt; Strep B test done; dr says appt every week now
March 10- Dr. appt.; doc checked me and says I'm 1cm dialated and 80% effaced
March 17- Dr. appt.; scheduled an induction for the 22nd
March 22- induction date; induction didn't work and they sent me home to wait it out
March 29- went to hospital to have my water broken
March 30- 8:50pm Caleb Andrew arrived weighing 7 lbs 2 oz 20.5 inches long

pregnant-never-alone.gifFirst Trimester
1-4 weeks- 1st month- complete
5-8 weeks- 2nd month- complete
9-13 weeks- 3rd month- complete
2nd Trimester
14-17 weeks- 4th month- complete
18-21 weeks- 5th month- complete
22-26 weeks- 6th month- complete
3rd Trimester
27-30 weeks- 7th month- complete
31-35 weeks- 8th month- complete
36-40 weeks- 9th month- done!!!