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Hello everyone my name is Carolyn. I'm originally from the New Orleans area but relocated because of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I live in boring Baton Rouge with my husband. We had gotten pregnant some time in july didn't find out until august 12, we were excited but our excitement turn into pain when we found out i had a blighted ovum pregnancy in on Sept. 5, 2009 i passed it naturally no d&c and it hurt like hell but i look at it as god puts u through things to see if your strong enough to handle them and we did and when he bless us again we will be happy to recieve his blessing. If u have anything else u would like to know about feel free to ask

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August12, 20093positive results
August 26,2009 First doctor visit went fine
August 27, 2009 spotting lightly
September 2,2009 first ultrasound revealed blight ovum pregnancy
left work for two weeks to heal and to get myself together
September 7 still bleeding
September 21, 2009 still bleeding
October 31,2009 still bleeding
november 30,2009 still bleeding
december 19,2009 still bleeding lite now hope this is the end of this bleeding
my fiance can't wait because we really wanted that baby
I will keep u guys updated on my process I will post pictures

013.jpg Teedy baby Chaniya

update: I got a bfp on 6/6/2011
first doctor visit to corfirm bfp
edd is feb. 2, 2012
first doctor's appointment heard baby heartbeat it was 168bpm

*update i had my daughter at 24weeks and 2days on Oct. 24,2011. She weighed 1lb 6.9oz and was in the nicu for 99 days she came home on a monitor for feed's. on feb.2,2012

Introducing Miss Cidney Shelling
7lbs 13oz
151.jpg469.jpg182.jpg417.jpgme and my girls
just a few recent of my family