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Age 23
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Location Delaware
Due Mar 25, 2010 (boy)
Let Me See......

My Name is Morgan and i have lots of nicknames(make me one)...I'm Bi-sexural and love it....I'm TAKEN by ANDREW....I was born on July 28th 1992....i love metting new people and having friends from everyhere...i love my family and friends they come before any one...i love to drink and party alot it is my life...i love to sing anything besides country...i have lots of pets at my house and keep getting you ever want to hang just ask for my number...i don't drive yet so don't think i'm picking you up...if you can teach me another language i will love you forever...i'm a camera wh**e...if you think i'm a b***h your right...i am the DEVIL i have 6 letters in my first middle and last name so im 666...if you ever think you are going ot hurt me try i have enough people who will kick your ass for me....i hate drama...if you ever need help with stuff i'm always here for people i don't care if i don't know you i will still help....if you want to know more about me just ask...

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**ME & MY FIANCE(Baby's Daddy)**

**Our Baby Boy**