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. I am 21 years young and a mommy to a goofy toddler. I'm the wife a soldier in the US Army.

My daughter is just a silly toddler. She loves to be outside. She'll eat just about anything and if you're not sharing what you have with her, your'e in trouble. She's a little copy cat, she'll copy anything you do. She gives the "lip" when in trouble. She loves to play with mommy's purse, make up, jewelery and shoes. But hates to wear bows. She's shy around strangers, but very loud and outgoing at home. She looks just like her father, and nothing like me, but she's everything to me.

How you raise your child is your business. I don't care if you formula feed or breastfeed. I don't care if you circumsize or not. Wether or not you FF or ERF. It's your decision and I'm not going to bash you because of it.