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4/13/11 - (9 DPO) SUPER faint positive. I thought it was an evap! Later that day I had light light cramping for about and hour, and there was blood on the toilet paper two trips to the bathroom in a row. I knew what was going on at that point. I had implantation bleeding with Jake as well. The constant need to pee (starting at about 7 or 8 DPO), and the multiple nosebleeds now made sense - those were my first symptoms with Jake as well.

4/14/11 - (10 DPO) Another faint, but this time DEFINITE BFP.

4/15/11 - (11 DPO) Positive FRER, IC, and a negative digital. Line spotters could see the cheapie here:

4/16/11 - (12 DPO) Another positive IC and FRER. I took them to see if the lines got darker or if this was going to be a chemical pregnancy.

4/17/11 - (13 DPO) Darker IC

4/18/11 - (14 DPO) Darker positive IC, BARELY there positive dollar store test. This freaked me out a little because it looked like a BFN at first. So I grabbed my last FRER and used that, too. Nice dark positive. =) I didn't realize how attached I am to this baby already! AF is due tomorrow, so I will probably take my second digital on Friday to ensure a positive.

4/23/10 - (19 DPO) Positive digital test!! It's starting to feel more real. =)