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im samantha and im trying to have a baby with my husband that ive been married to since i was 18 years old and i havenown since i was 15

i got pregnant at 16 and gave my baby up for adoption(we were not stable enough)
it was a closed adoption and i regret it all the way, because i don't get to see my baby boy, but i have learned to deal with it and i know my baby is happy.

now that me and my husband are stable were gonna try for another one
i would just like to meet and talk to people



here is my story.
sorry so long
i was just to young to have a kid and raise it, my parents are not that good of parents and i did not want my child to go through what had to go through in my life.
it was the hardest thing i would ever have to conquer. i wouldn't ever get to see my baby again, is this the right thing to do i thought to myself ? if i had kept him every day i would be being selfish,because i was doing what i wanted and not what was best for him. he's in the perfect home and safe yes i wish i could of seen him grow, but i know hes happy.
it wasn't that i couldn't be a good mother it was that i had NO money to feed him or diaper him.he's my love and joy and that's why i did what was best for him.

i remember him being in my belly, every month i would say to my self one less month with my baby boy.i would sit in our rocking chair my dad had and sing to him with tears falling from my face. i would tell him how much i loved him and that i was doing what was best for him.every day i think what does my baby boy look like does he look like his daddy or me does he have my eyes or my nose? baby boy you are my world i would sing and laugh as he kicked me in joy
i went into labor when i was 16, i had him march 5 2003
i was laying in bed, having horrible cramps at least i thought that's what it was. but i new something wasn't right
i called to my b/d (he lived with me)
anyways on that night i had my baby boy at 6:23 pm weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces
19'2 inches long
the smallest feet in the world lol and omg his hands were gorgeous ( he had my noise by the way lol)
today my baby boy is6 and they named him logan, that is all i know. i don't know the parents last name. i have never seen the parents ( i didn't want to pick them) i wanted it to be all closed (which was stupid).
what is my baby boy doing right now? is he happy? does he know about me? this is what i think about every night
that day i had him, right after he was born they let me hold him, i wanted to keep him so bad, i new i could just change my mind. but i could not do that it was to selfish in my eyes
i have one picture of him which I'm gonna post =)
if i missed spelled or had bad grammar i am very sorry