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˹ my heart, my soul, my love, my everything, my reason for living, my babies ˺

Adrienne Maybee from Moose Factory, Ontario. I am a young native American mother. I live on a reservation, a small little island at the tip of Hudson Bay called Moose Factory, ONT. I have 3 beautiful children who I love so much. This is my oldest son Rikki Wasayskun born on 12.18.09. He was a month premature. He is Autistic, they just recently diagnosed him. He doesn't talk and pretty much doesn't bother with his siblings, but I know all his sounds and gestures for the things he wants. He is my special boy, and I will watch him till I'm too old if I have too. <3 I took this picture after he learned how to kiss <3 This is my second oldest Gibson Oliver Raymond, born on 02.11.11. He is a little tank, lots of energy for a chubby little boy, he just loves to show off all the time.

179659_10152572484190357_173245474_n.jpgThis is my first girl Alyssia Rebecca Minnie, born on 02.22.12. She just loves to follow me everywhere and get her way with me all the time. She is so beautiful, she looks like her daddy.

I love you all <3