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Updated this and deleted my old stuff because there was so much. So we will try and keep it short and simple although my life is nothing but that (:

I'm Brittany! Currently divorcing what I thought was my happily ever after.

Onto my amazing munchkins:

Ashlynn Belle born 5-12-10 weighing 9.2 and 21.5 inches at 6:46 pm 38 weeks gestation.

Owen Alexzander born 12-19-11 weighing 8.7 20 inches at 6:46 am 37 weeks gestation.

Brayden David Blake born 8-29-14 weighing 8lbs 21.5 inches at 1:48 pm 40 weeks gestation. 

Yes you read that right my first two kids were born at the same time of day just one pm one am, I was as shocked as most people are when they see that. Both were born vaginally I had iv pain meds with #1 along with pitocin because my doctor felt I wasn't going fast enough, little did he know once I hit 5 it would only take me 5 mins to reach 10 and be pushing! I had 0 pain meds with #2 he came to fast I got to the hospital at 6 and pretty much held him in due to fear of the pain until I just couldn't anymore, I spent less than 4 hours in my labor room! I was induced with #3, he was turned oddly, but once they got him turned right he came in a flash. I told them I really didn't need pitocin just needed them to turn him and break my water but they insisted. I had him without anything for pain also, by choice, and he was out in less than 3 hours. He was in the special care nursery for 12 hours because he had rapid breathing(forget the name). I'm pregnant with #4 and while it was very very unexpected I am excited. Due somewhere around the beginning of August 2015.

It's difficult becoming a single mother but mostly just financially because my husband was the one who brought in the most money however I am making it and me and my children are still fine and taken care of. I sometimes miss having someone there but then I look back on how bad things were and I know it's just my pride talking because I never wanted a failed marriage or broken home. It wasn't a healthy relationship and although it was all I knew since I was 17 I know one day I'll find someone who is decent and maybe then I can completely let go.