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Age 23
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Location Dahlonega, Georgia
Kids 2
Due Aug 28, 2014
Updated this and deleted my old stuff because there was so much. So we will try and keep it short and simple although my life is nothing but that (:

I'm Brittany! Married my best friend on November 18th 2012 after being together 4.5 years and having two kids.
Onto my amazing munchkins:
Ashlynn Belle born 5-12-10 weighing 9.2 and 21.5 inches at 6:46 pm 38 weeks gestation.
Owen Alexzander born 12-19-11 weighing 8.7 20 inches at 6:46 am 37 weeks gestation.
Yes you read that right my kids were born at the same time of day just one pm one am, I was as shocked as most people are when they see that. Both were born vaginally I had iv pain meds with #1 along with pitocin because my doctor felt I wasn't going fast enough, little did he know once I hit 5 it would only take me 5 mins to reach 10 and be pushing! I had 0 pain meds with #2 he came to fast I got to the hospital at 6 and pretty much held him in due to fear of the pain until I just could anymore I spent less than 4 hours in my labor room!
Got 2 Pomeranians Annie and Auggie, and a bearded dragon bowser.
I'm a SAHM until my kids are in school and live in a sweet little southern town where everyone knows your business and although it drives me nuts I wouldn't have it any other way!