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Age 27
Gender Female
Status Married
Work cosmetologist marine wife
Kids 33


1. I was born in Frankfurt, Germany

2. I miss how simple life was in high school.

3. I try to keep my room clean, but I seem to throw my clothes around when I look for something to wear.

4. I have found my soul mate.

5. I think this year will change me greatly, in many ways, n I'll grow up REALLY quick.

6. Even thought it doesnt seem like it, I do care what some people think about me.

7. I like my mother more than it seems.

8. I usually hide what I feel.

9. I am a very sarcastic person.

10. Even when I know something has happened, not due to what I have done, I still seem to blame myself.

11. I have always believed in patriotism, growing up in a military family made me have a great love for our country, but not our government. No matter what, I will always support our troops to the fullest.

12. Its weird but I can stick my tongue behind my hangy ball thingy. yea ewww....

13. I have a HUGE family, not immediate family though

14. I have never felt a greater feeling than being in love.

15. I have all the letters mark wrote me ever since we started dating 5 years ago.

16. I love being a stage, whether it is singing, dancing, or acting. Performing used to be my life, n god do I miss it.

17. I have over 25 metals from singing.

18. I'm not on my computer as much as I used to be, thank god for that

19. I have a very sensitive side to me

20. My worst fear is drowning or dying alone

21. I almost died 4 years ago

22. My fav food is sushi

23. I've felt the worse pain and greatest joy possible

24. The one thing I want most in life is to have a good job, a good husband, and good children

25. My friends n family are my greatest asset