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My name is Tricia, and the love of my life is Luis.
We have been married since October 26, 2009.
He's my best friend, and an amazing daddy.
We have two kids and a baby on the way.
Our first child is named Luis Jr, he was born at 20 weeks, and passed away 5 minutes after birth. He was born Sept. 25, 2009, he's now 2.
Our second child is Logan, and he was born at 32 weeks, and spent 18 days in the NICU, you would never guess he was a preemie, he is a monster. But, he's mommy's monster.
Now, we are pregnant with baby #3 a beautiful little PRINCESS, due about May 7th, 2012. Hopefully this baby bakes til full term.
We also have a pitbull named Chico, he is the biggest love, and scared of everything that moves or makes noise.



01/08/2010-Last period.
02/02/2010-Positive on a Dollar test PM.
02/03/2010-Positive on a Dollar test AM.
02/04/2010- Positive on a First Response, PM.
02/05/2010-Positive on a First Response in AM.
02/07/2010-PREGNANT on digital
02/08/2010-Pregnancy confirmed at health department- due Oct. 15/16, 2010.
Feb.10-13th,2010-Little Luis' due date..I love you xoxox
02/15/2010-PREGNANT on digital.
02/20/2010-Took another test + (just nervous had to make sure)
02/26/2010- Took another dollar test, just to see if + got darker. it did. total tests= 8
03/01/2010-First doctors/ultrasound appointment Due date changed to Oct. 18,2010 baby has a heartbeat of 170..cervix looked long and thick. 7 weeks today.
3/4/2010-First trimester blood work, and hour glucous test.
03/29/2010-Went great, baby'sheartbeat was 160's. Blood pressure was 127/68. Blood work came back normal, glucous test just barely failed =[
4/5/2010-Ultrasound: Babies heartbeat was 139 looked great. Cervix has shortened.
4/15/2010-3 hour glucous test.
4/27/2010- Blood pressure 124/78. Passed 3 hr glucous. baby's heartbeat was 120's. 5/3/2010-Cerclage went good. Babies heartbeat was 145 before surgery, and 155 after surgery. Got 2 ultrasounds one before surgery one after.
5/11/2010-Follow up cerclage. Everything looked great, cervix was closed, stitches look great. Babies heartbeat was 140's.
05-20-2010- Anatomy scan- WERE HAVING ANOTHER BOY! Growing wonderfully, and everything looks great. Babies heart beat was 134.He's measuring a week ahead. He weighs 10 ounces already.
06/01/2010-His heartbeat was 134. Belly is measuring 20 weeks.. He's measuring 21 weeks 2 days.
June 14,2010- Ultrasound..measured my cervix..Bedrest for me, cervix is shortening. He's measuring 23 weeks and 4 days..(supposed to be 22 weeks 1 day) His heartbeat was 136. Cervix opening, but dilating on the inside up to my stitch, cerclage looked great, cervix was thick.
June 28, 2010-Sent to hospital by doctors they thought I would be going into labor and/or was having contractions. Logan's heartbeat 136. They gave me medicines to prevent contractions, and gave me a steriod to help mature his lungs. Logan weighs 1 pound 11 ounces.
June 30,2010- Released from hospital, contractions were monitored but, they were stopped. Baby Logans heartbeat was nice and strong. Cervix measured 1.8 CM.
July 6,2010- Heartbeat was wonderful. Doctor was a dumbass seriously, he didn't talk to me about anything. Cervix is completely closed, and stitch looks great.
July 27,2010- Went wonderfully. Had my favorite doctor. Little mans heartbeat was 134. Going back every 2 weeks now. Don't have to do the glucous testing, because I had it early on and passed.
August 10, 2010- Babies heartbeat was 140's. Measuring right on track, he's head down. Going for bloodwork.
AUGUST 27, 2010- HAD MY BABY BOY! 5 pounds 3 ounces, 17 and a half inches long!

1st Trimester
1-4 Weeks - 1 Month - COMPLETE!! =]
5-8 Weeks - 2 Months - COMPLETE!! =]
9-13 Weeks - 3 Months - COMPLETE!! =]
2nd Trimester
14-17 Weeks - 4 Months - COMPLETE!! =]
18-21 Weeks - 5 Months - COMPLETE!! =]
22-26 Weeks - 6 Months - COMPLETE!! =]
3rd Trimester
27-30 Weeks - 7 Months -COMPLETE!! =]
31-35 Weeks - 8 Months - IN PROGRESS!!! Had him at 32 weeks 4 days.
36-40 Weeks - 9 Months -Incomplete

We found out that our Angel Luis, has decided to bless our family one more time, with another baby. I am due about May 7th, 2012, and have every emotion running through my body, due to having preemies, and IC..But, the journey has begun, and we are along for the ride as a family. So baby number 3 is baking, and hopefully makes it to full term, unlike my older two. =] I couldn't be happier as a mom, I'm just scared to end up on hospital bedrest, and leave my toddler at home, so hopefully everything works out the way they should.
08/01/11--Last period
09/01/11--Missed my period, had brow spotting earlier that week and knew.
09/03/11--Took a pregnancy test to show hubby I was infact prego. DARK positive.
09/04/11-- Took the other test, just because I had it, darker positive.
09/09/11--Going for proof of pregnancy, so I can go see my high risk doctor.
10/18/11--First doctors appointment with my high risk doctor. Blood pressure was great, did a pap smear, gbs (so everything is clear for when I get my cerclage), go back in 3 weeks to set up cerclage date, u/s on halloween, and I'm on pelvic rest. Babies heartbeat was 140's
10/31/11--FIRST ULTRASOUND, & cervical length check, && blood work :: went great, Baby is big, and couldnt do the first screen test,cervix is measuring 4.7.
11/08/11-- Second OB/ high risk appointment, setting up cerclage date. Got my cerclage date, all my labs came back great, gbs negative, pap normal. Heard babies heartbeat it was 150's
11/16/11--CERCLAGE DATE!! Went well, quick, and easy. Missed my little Logan the whole time, and when I finally was able to see him he cried because me missed me. Broke my heart. Baby looked good on ultrasound, they tried to find out the sex but baby's legs were crossed, I think boy. I swear this is it, I am done having kids. I hate having to have hard pregnancies.
11/21/11-- Went for the early glucous testing. ugh how I dread it every time.
11/22/11-- FOLLOW UP w/ cerclage. No bedrest still, babies heartbeat was 158. Found out that this time they did my stitch with a thicker thread, and will remove at about 36-37 weeks, unless something drastically changes
12/05/11-- ANATOMY SCAN && blood work WERE HAVING A BABY GIRL.. She looks great, big, and cervix is measuring 3.48 and closed. =]
12/20/11-- Babies heartbeat was 130, still haven't gained any weight in fact, I have lost 8 since becoming pregnant. My stitch looks great, cervix is closed, long and thick. going for biweekly ultrasounds, and starting progestrone shots.
12/22/11-- My 21st Birthday!
12/29/11-- Ultrasound, baby looks wonderful heartbeat was 134, cervix is measuring 4.18. Baby is still a girl. She's a thumb sucker, and head down, facing my back.
01/12/12-- Heartbeat was 130's, cervix is measuring 2.75, so it shortened a little but hopefully it will be fine, and I won't need bedrest or anything. No dilating or funneling.
01/17/12-- Babies heartbeat was 150's, meausring on track, doctor isn't too worried about my cervix shortening. Found out my progestrone shots will now be covered on insurance. =] have to do glucous test before next appointment
01/26/12-- Cervix is measuring 2.4(so a little shorter), but was told the stitch is holding up great, with nothing to worry about. Placenta and baby looks wonderful.
02/09/12-- Ultrasound cervical length check. Cervix measuring 1.9, head down, big, and meausring about 2lbs 11 ounces, placenta looks great.
02/14/12-- Doctor isn't worried about cervix length because it's almost a 2, and I'm not having any contractions. No more cervical checks.
03/03/12--BABY SHOWER - Had a wonderful time! She got tons of stuff.
03/13/12--Next OB appointment. Missed it so changed it for the following week.
03/20/12-- Everything went great, babies heartbeat was 135, only have gained 9 pounds, belly is measuring 34 weeks(I'm 33 weeks 1 day). Back in 3 weeks, should be getting my cerclage removed,
04/10/12-- Cerclage removed, (36 weeks 1 day), 2cms dilated, measuring 38 weeks
04/15/2012 KILEIGH WAS BORN!!! 10:12pm, 6lbs 7 ozs, 19.5 inches, apgar score 9 and 9, BEAUTIFUL!!!!
04/17/12- NEXT APPOINTMENT(didn't make it)
05/07/12-- DUE DATE

1st Trimester
1-4 Weeks - 1 Month - COMPLETE!! =]
5-8 Weeks - 2 Months - COMPLETE!! =]
9-13 Weeks - 3 Months - COMPLETE!! =]
2nd Trimester
14-17 Weeks - 4 Months - COMPLETE!! =]
18-21 Weeks - 5 Months - COMPLETE!! =]
22-26 Weeks - 6 Months - COMPLETE!! =]
3rd Trimester
27-30 Weeks - 7 Months - COMPLETE!!=]
31-35 Weeks - 8 Months -COMPLETE!! =]
36-40 Weeks - 9 Months - In PROGRESS!! Had her at 36 weeks 6 days.