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The tickers pretty much say much of it for my babies and the man they call daddy!
I first met DH through his cousin, who was my best friend! You could say it was a love at first sight. We met when I was in the 4th grade. I thought he was so cute! Later, my friend found out that he kinda liked me too and for YEARS tried to get us together! About 4 or 5 years after I met him, my friend had a Quincenera and made me and him partners. I still thought he was one good looking guy! Eventually we started talking, then started hanging out, and then we were a couple. My first true love! I like to think of it as sort of like a fairy tale ;) .

While we had always planned to get married, finding out we were expecting just pushed that day up right away! We decided to just go to Vegas and tie the knot before L got here. I was 7 months pregnant, in the hot month of July, in Vegas, Walking down the strip! Sure was a long, but good walk! I made it! :)

L was born 7lbs 2oz. This delivery was all natural! I never ever had morning sickness, I practically forgot I was pregnant until I got kicked in the bladder or had to walk between tight spaces. All the nurses told me during my labor and delivery that I did super well for it being my first child! When I first came to the delivery room, there was a lady in another room screaming bloody murder. As I left to the recovery room, that lady was STILL screaming bloody murder! Poor lady.

I co-slept with L until S came along. L was sleeping through the night at 2 months! I was so grateful for that!

I did have Gestational Diabetes with L. At first I was terrified. I thought it was my fault and I felt that I had somehow failed. After talking to a nutritionist I felt much better. I was able to keep my blood sugar low with diet and exercise.

S was born 9lbs 6oz. What a difference from L! This delivery was also done all natural! Although, I did have some "drugs" to relax me between contractions, I still felt every bit of it! As my labor progressed I began to get tense between contractions, so they gave me something to help relax me in between. I was also told during this pregnancy that they didn't see my weight gain anywhere on my body, except maybe a little chubbier face, and that it was ALL baby. Boy, were they right! Even though she was bigger, she shot right out! lol

I did not have Gestational Diabetes with S. With her weight, you might have thought I did! Maybe it developed later? Maybe it was just because I was totally eating whatever was in front of my face! lol.

With S, I didn't co-sleep. I wanted to have my bed back! And L is still climbing in in the middle of the night some nights. Unlike L, S didn't start sleeping through the night until she was 11 months! I'm still exhausted! lol