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Age 23
Gender Female
Status Engaged
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Location Merced, California
Interest Love Hanging out with my gorgeous family
Kids 17
Due Sep 05, 2013
The beginning of Mayra and Jerry was on May 13 2007:)
We met in high school he was a Jr and i was a freshman:) we met because he thought i was pretty and i thought he was cute and his friends hooked us up:)
two years later we got pregnant with our son:)its-a-boy-3.gif
IMG00100.jpgUnfortunately he passes away i had a stillbirth:( he was born oct 23 2009! i love and miss u baby boy!
when he passed away i felt so empty and sad but i had to be strong because 2 months later i got pregnant with my second baby:)
AUG_19.jpgMy lil girl was born at 35 weeks Aug 19 2010 and weighed 4lbs 13oz:)
We names her Jaxsyn Brielle Gonzalez

this little girl was so tiny it was crazzy ! lol shes the funniest little girl u can ever meet and she keeps us on our toes! lol im so happy with little girl but still miss my son:( its crazy how much my daughter looks like him one happy mommy of a gorgeous lil boy and a crazy lil girl:)