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<img src="http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i289/janette_coyt/e2e9fce1.jpg" />my name is Jannette I'm from CALIFORNIA. The sunshine state:)
I hardly get on here anymore but a little update about me and my ALEXXANNDRYA.
Alexxa is now a year old I couldn't be any happier with the little person she is turning out to be shes such a sweet heart I love her
We moved back home from virginia and we couldent be much happier my husband is currently on DEPLOYMENT it sucks because he's not here to experience all the new things alexxa is learning but we are maneging thru emaiks phone calls and soon facetime I can't wait :)
Well if any mommys want ta talk im not shy and i love making friends since im a stay home mom im almost never busy so dont hesitate to ask anything thanks for stopping by!<a href="http://www.mysunwillshine.com/"><img src="http://s281.photobucket.com/albums/kk227/mysunwillshine/FamilyMomContent/FamilyMilitary/navy-wife-mommy.gif" />
graphics for moms</a>

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