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Age 25
Gender Female
Status Married
Work stay at home mom
Location Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Interest Snake toxins
Kids 17
I have been in a great relationship for almost 4 years we have a beautiful daughter and couldn't be happier! As of now he works out of town 7 days a week so I am doing everything myself, and in March he will leave for basic training to become a Marine.

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Im Chloe
I am not shy, if I don't talk to you it just means I don't really like you
Im a pretty chill person and I can't hold grudges
I promise I am not as mean as I look
I have tattoos and piercings and please don't ask me if they hurt, if you want to know go find out for yourself
I love cats and kittens
I am in love with the greatest guy in the whole world Adrian Mitchell
I am getting ready to be a new mama and am very excited!

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