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I am 27 years old, married to the most wonderful and supportive husband. We have one child, born February 22, 2010, and another on the way.

Current info 2013:
Baby Lucas is due April 3. We can't wait to meet our new little one. He is alot more active than Eli was in the womb, so hopefully we won't have a wild child. I already love him more than he knows. My son is excited to be a big brother- he gives my belly kisses each night. It's so sweet!

2-11-13: 32 weeks, 5 days-Office visit. had some mucus and pelvic pain, so the doctor did a pelvic exam.He said it could just be some cervical shedding. Cervix still closed and mucus still thick. We still have 7 more weeks to bake! he did say that baby Lucas is measuring a week ahead.
2-18-13: 33 weeks, 5 days- office visit. I feel like I'm getting Braxton Hicks every night. The doc says my cervix is still shut, which is good. We can't wait to see Lucas. Weight 234, BHR: 145.
2-4-13: 35 weeks, 5 days. office visit. Blood pressure a little high and some protein in pee. Had some discharge at the office, but still closed and thick.
3-11-13: 36 weeks, 5 days- office visit. Blood pressure back to normal. Doc gave me some cough meds for this horrible cold. Baby hr 162 and he is doing good. Dialated 1 cm.
3-13-13: 37 weeks, starting to get swelling in feet- not pretty!

Past info from 2010:
1 Month: Complete 10 pounds
2 Months: Complete 14 pounds
3 Months: Complete 16 pounds


July: 1 month
7-2-09: First OB visit. 194 pounds. 5 weeks pregnant.
7-6-09: And the morning sickness begins :( Nauseous! 6 weeks.
7-13-09: First Ultrasound. 7 weeks.
7-29-09: 3rd OB Visit. 9 weeks.

August: 2 months
8-3-09: Throwing up daily. Ugh! 10 weeks.
8-26-09: 4th OB Visit. 13 weeks.

September: 3 months
9-30-09: Ultrasound. It's a BOY! 18 weeks. Flu shot.

October: 4months
10-26-09: 6th OB visit. 22 weeks. 217 pounds.
10-31-09: Blood in Urine. Scary! 22 weeks.

November: 5 months
11-5-09: Emergency Room Visit. Really bad UTI. 23 weeks. Antibiotics for a week.
11-12-09: Still in pain. Unscheduled OB visit. Baby is fine. 24 weeks.
11-17-09: Glucola Test. Nastiest fruit punch I've ever drank. 25 weeks. 130/131 on test.
11-18-09: Stretch marks! Back pains! Hip Pains! Heartburn! Vomiting- still!25 weeks.

December: 6 months
12-1-09: 27 weeks, baby's crib arrived today
12-3-09: No weight gain for past 6 weeks. 215 pounds. Gained 21 pounds so far.
12-9-09: Office Visit, baby measuring large. 30 cm. 217 pounds.
12-15-09: 29 weeks pregnant! I feel sick!
12-21-09: 30 weeks Office Visit. 221 pounds. Baby not measuring large anymore- right on track. I think the nausea and vomiting has returned!
12-26-09: Started having ligament pains or braxton hicks- not sure.

January: 7 months
1-4-10: Office Visit. Baby measuring at 31 cm- on target. Exam- definitely a head pushing down there- pressure. 221 pounds. Need to send out shower invites.
1-17-10: had a great baby shower at our house. I spend so much time cleaning, so I was pretty sore today.
1-18-10: Woke up late for OB appt. Got there and found out I have a second UTI. No wonder I have been in pain.
1-20-10: Went to doctor to see about pain in abdomen. We were hooked up to the fetal monitor for 45 min. Baby doing great- doc thinks the pain is round ligament pain.
1-25-10: OB Visit. Menstral type cramping is evidently Braxton hicks. Doc says they will not go away if in labor. . . sounds great! Only 5 weeks left. strep B culture today.
1-30-10: my birthday!
1-31-10: Baby shower at church

February: 8 months
2-1-10: Doctor's visit. Weight up to 229- gained 35 pounds so far. Fundus measurement 36 cm. 36 weeks tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have another bladder infection.
2-5-10: Ultrasound. Baby Eli is a rocker :) lol!
2-9-10: Doctors Visit, Weight 229, Dialated 2 cm, effaced 70%. Doc put me out on maternity leave.
2-15-10: Doctors visit. Weight 230. Dialated 2 cm still.
2-22-10: Baby Eli is born- 2:50pm 7pounds, 9 ounces.

May: 3 months old
5-24-10: Eli has discovered his hands. He loves to smile and laugh and play on his playmat that his Nana Glenn got him. He is wearing 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing. Such a big boy!