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.-My name is Bailey, (yes, like the drink; And yes, I've heard that joke a million times).
-I'm an eighteen year old from Calgary, Alberta, CANADA. (I spell it labour, with a u)
-I gave birth to my baby girl on June 29th, 2010, who is officially one year old! (she's kind of a big deal.)
-I have big ol' gauges in my ears, and one tattoo SO FAR (Autumn's name was tattooed on my left wrist by my friends husband at their home shortly after my 18th birthday)
-I'm dating a guy who treats me like a queen and makes me feel special every day. my daughter loves him and he loves her. (And no he is NOT her father, but he's a better one)
-I work full time AND I'm a damn good mom if I do say so myself.
-I am bi-sexual and FAITHFUL. Bi-sexual does NOT mean polyamorus, thankyou very much....
-My family is pretty much awesome beyond words and I'm lucky to have them.

THIS gorgeous human is my amazing daughter Autumn Emilie. She's my best friend.
<img src="" />
And this, is me WITH my amazing baby girl at 3 months old.
<img src="" /><img src="" />
As far as my parenting goes, here's my stand:

-single parenting
-CIO only in high stress situations.
-co-sleeping (until 3 months)
-room sharing (for 6 months)
-exclusively breastfeeding (until 3months)
-BF & FF mixed (3-6 months)
-no solid food until 6 months.
-pacifier using
-disposable diaper using
-over protective
-delayed vaccinating
-selective vaccinating
-NON h1n1 vaccinating!!
Kind of mom.