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Hi i'm Donna i have a partner i have been with him for almost the last 4 years (1st July 2007 we got together) He is the boys dad and my rock we have been threw alot in the last couple of years.
Ryan is the oldest i found out i was pregnant with ryan 2days before my 21st birthday !!, He was born after 5 and a half hours of labour and a hour of pushing he was born at 10:57AM on the 16th April 2009 he was 8lbs 9 and a half ounces, I had one small cut and had to stay in over night.

Oliver-james was our surprise baby he was expected but not planned i found out i was pregnant with him on the 21st May 2010, Oliver was born on the 24th January 2011 after 2 hours i labour and an hour of pushing he was born at 1:35am and i was able to go home 8 hours later.
We have spoke about another but when the boys are older and that one is going to be a home birth.
Look forward to hearing from other mums xx