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I have been married for over ten years to the man of my dreams. We have a son in the fourth grade, and three year old and one year old girls. My middle child has the curliest blond hair I have ever seen. My other two children are RED Heads with the temper. When I found out I was pregnant with my third child I was overwhelmed. I thought that God sure does know so much more about me and mycapabilities than I do. The first time a laid my eyes on my youngest I was in love. I never thought that I could love three children socompletelyanddifferentlyat the same time.My love for them grows daily, even with the growth of theiruniqueness. I love my life.
Although, right now, I unable to stay at home with them all. I do work at preschool teaching three year it. I always have a story to share when I get home. There is nothing like having a job that you can enjoy and laugh at. I amtrulyblessed. And I am praying that you feel the same way!'