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Who I am:
I'd like to stay I'm a b***h but you and I both know it's not true. I could say nasty things to you, yell at you, but come back a few minutes later and apologize. Well, actually, I probably wouldn't say nasty things to you without being provoked...But its a defense everyone has.

I'm afraid to say that I have a big heart, and I wear it like a costume. I'm afraid to say it because people take advantage over that, and it sucks. Like any other bloke out there I've had my heart broken, but that in turn has made me stronger.

I'm a quiet person that has troubles learning when to shut up.

I'm a soon to be mother, the little bundle of joy should be born in feburary...I think. :)

No matter what I write here, it will never sum up who I really am. Isn't it kind of hard to write about who you are, when you, yourself aren't entirely sure?

On that note, I found out that I am having a baby girl. :)