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m_065400cd72c94fa8ae5a8a001959e90d.jpg My husband was my world, and everything in it. We were together for three months before we decided to get married. It all happened so fast, I was the happiest I had ever been. Then I got pregnant. I panicked, I hated my life, my husband, and everything around me. I didn't want to be pregnant and I hated the thing growing in me. My entire life I've despised abortion, and fostering wasn't an option. My husband loved his child, the moment we found out. It wasn't until his due-date, that I realized I was eager to have him. I scheduled an induction just to get him here faster, just so I could hold him. I hate myself for ever thinking this little boy could ruin my life. He's perfect in every way, and I love him to the ends of the earth. m_77271b0d0a35484e883639350d2b7691.jpgeleeleabk20091112_-8_Blaiz-Dain+is.png