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My little monster is finally here!!! Born Feb. 27, 2010...6lbs 15oz. Loves you little man <3
27305_367968755210_671960210_5358379_242Daddy and Caleb <3 2 of my favorite boys I tried convincing my BF to sneak Riley it for the big moment but he was the sane one and told me we weren't sneaking the dog into the hospital :(

June 17, 2010
Today was a gorgeous day considering it was supposed to rain, sucks that me and my SO is sick :( so far Caleb only has a runny nose I'm going to have to get him something for it tomorrow hopefully we'll avoid the horribleness that me and my SO are experiencing. Our LO is growing so much not in weight though lol he's still our little guy..I can finally put him in his saucer bouncy thing lol with a blanket behind him of course, he can hold his head fine he's just little and doesn't fill the space very well. Shockingly his toes can touch the bottom. He tries to fly to random toys with his mouth open in hopes of eating one <3 or he just sits there and chews on the chair <3

29347_441663120210_671960210_6237194_441My favorite shorts so far <3 and I finally found him flip flops :)