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i love my son, more than anything Ive ever experienced before. I'm not gonna claim to be the best mom alive. I have many faults, but that doesn't make me any less of a mother.
I don't care about my grammar, spelling or punctuation. correct me, i don't care, im not gonna correct myself. its the internet not school.
Speaking of school, i plan on getting my GED as soon as possible. i would like to get myself started in school so i can make something of myself. not for myself, but for my son. im still not sure what i want to do with my life, but as long as its something that helps people, ill be happy. thats all i wanna do with my life is help people.
I may not be the best person, but i really am a good person. ive always said im one of the nicest b***hes youll ever meet. i would give you whatever i had to give as long as it ment i was helping you out. but i also have my spastic psycho b***h moments. alright, so they arnt moments, more like times. im very mood swingy. but i cant help it, my emotions dont lie and sure as hell dont hide. you learn to deal with my bad to accept my best.
If it werent for my son i wouldnt be where i am right now. literally. i would still be living with my friend most likely. in bakersfield, in a 1bedroom apt, with the livingroom converted into my room. i would probably be doing some fucked up shit right now. not saying i wanna go back, but i do look back. i cant help but feel weak sometimes, but obviously im strong because im still here, and i havent gave in yet.
Dont be afraid, i dont bite. hard..



Please don't judge me, or feel like you have the right to. I may not be the best person, but I am a good person.

Mothers Name: Rachelle
Age: 20
Birthday: June 25th
Birth Place: Lindsay, California
Pre-pregnancy weight: i had just lost a whole lot of weight, and was down to 215 or 220
Current weight: ugh, ive gained soo much SINCE ive had him, im like 265
Fathers Name: Pops
Age: 25?
Height: i dunno, taller than me..
Are you with the baby's father? no
Are you married? no
If together, how long have you been together? neva
Is this your first pregnancy?: yes
How did you find out you were pregnant? 2home tests and one at the womans pregnancy center
What were your first symptoms? before i knew? i was a lot weaker, and not much energy like usual.. but the day i took the test at the center, i got my first batch of the pukes
Who did you tell first? my roomate, haha she took a test at home with me to make sure mine just wasnt defective :)
Who was with you when you found out? at the center, just myself. at home my roomate
Was baby planned? nooooot at all
What was your reaction? i didnt feel too shocked. somehow i already knew i was pregnant.. but the first thing i saw when i looked up from the test was a huge ass cocaroach.. i felt it was a bad omen..
What was the baby's father's reaction? "its not mine."
What was the parent's reactions? whos parents? my mom was just glad to be a grandma
What was friends and family reactions? excited
Due date: Jan. 15th 2010
Do you want to know the sex? i did wanna know, but i already knew it was a boy
Do you know the sex? yup
If so, boy or girl? all boy
Any names? up until like 3 weeks before he was here his name was Roel.. but ended up with Quinntin
Ultrasounds? my first was at 14weeks
Have you heard the heartbeat? it didnt really blow me away like some girls say
Baby's ethnicity? on my side hes a mutt, indian, german, black, norweigin. his dads azteca
Who do you think baby will look like? hes a good mixture.. but no one gets to see that because no one sees his daddy
Will baby have any siblings? not full. but he may get a half someday
Will baby have their own room? we share a bed
What is baby's nursery theme? haha, its my room, so he gets a blacklight poster themed room. he diggs it tho
Have you and dad felt baby move? I felt him move
What hospital will you deliver? French Hospital
Who will be in the delivery room? just me, the midwife, and the nurses
Will you use medication? nope. just breathing
Are you scared about labor? i wasnt scared at all actually..
Will you video tape or take pictures? neither
How will you react when you see baby? i was very digusted at first sight..
What will you say? i didnt talk to him until a while later..
Did you have morning sickness? i got it the day i found out, until about 3months. then just random mornings after that
Did you have any cravings? no food cravings.. just some dirty little things
Did you have any mood swings? haha, no one could tell. im a moody b***h anyways
Are you a high risk pregnancy? nope
Any complications? none
Formula or breastfeeding? Breast Is Best!
Have you bought anything for baby yet? i bought a few things.. okay, quite a few things :) i love shopping
When did you start to show? not many people had seen me since i lost me weight, so people would always say "you cant even tell" it make me ughed cause you actually COULD tell.. im pregnant, not fat! i really really showed tho like 7months
How long could you wear your regular clothes? until like 5months? maybe 6? i just undid the button and wore them low..
Are you excited? honestly.. i wasnt excited. it didnt really set in that I was gonna have a baby until a few days after he was born..
Who will help with baby after their born? my mom
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? i loved being pregnant.. i want to be a surogate mother..
What is the worst thing about being pregnant? i didnt really have any bad parts.. from what i remmeber it was all gravy..

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quinnstats.jpg Baby's name? Quinntin Stone Mackie Pritchett
Birthday? Jan. 9th 2010
Time of birth? 9:17am
How long did labor last? from very first cramp til time of birth, 29hours.
Who was in the room when baby was born? two nurses and a midwife. and me of course
How long did you push? 3mins? 5mins? i only pushed like 4 times..
Weight? 6lbs 3z
Length? 19in
Any hair? some peach fuzz
Who does baby look like? he look like his mama
How much weight did u gain during pregnancy? like 30-40pounds
Was baby early or late? one week early
Who drove you home from hospital? my mom
How many baby showers did you have? 1
When did baby start sleeping thru the night? he hasnt yet
Did you breastfeed? yup
If not, what kind of formula? n/a
Who keeps your baby the most? only me
When do you wanna have another? when the time is right
How did you pick the name? i was flippin thru a baby book at target and the name jumped out at me. but i didnt settle on it until like a couple of weeks before he was born. his name was Roel until like 3weeks before he got here
How did you know when it was time to go to hospital? when i couldnt take it anymore. i had been cramping for over 24hours at that point. they were mild period cramps until like 4am the next morning
What was your pain management? breathing, lots of breathing
Did you go home or somewhere else when you left the hospital? haha, i went to walmart as soon as i got out of the hospital
Anyone spend the night with you first night home? nope, just us two..