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crowley-2.jpgi am a proud mother of 3 beautiful children. i am a stay at home mother and wife to my loving husband. I enjoy being at home to raise my children and to teach them everything i possibly can. i want them to have a better advantage in life than i ever had. so far so good. i am desperately waiting to have at least one night out with my husband without the kids. it has been nearly two years. but my children , as always are more important. i am a free spirited person and am not a sheep. i do not go to church bc of all of the hipocritical people and the lies and bs the pastors try to get people to believe. i am not satanic i am just anti - christian you could say. my husband is from guetemala so my children are mixed but i consider them hispanic because that is what you will see them as first. i do not tolerate any type of racism. it is uncalled for and wrong. i will have something to say to anybody thay says different. i am not a violant person but when it comes to my family i will do everything to protect them, as should all mothers. i love to crochet and have made numerous items for my children and friends and loved doing so. i look foward to making new friends, or foes which ever comes first. i love to argue when it comes to what i strongly believe in. its only healthy.