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:DHi, My name is Crishaunda and I'm 19 years old. I'm expecting my first baby girl in July (29th) and I'm excited! The father and I are still together and will remain together! He's super excited also. The day I found out it was a girl I shedded a few tears! Everyone else was telling me it was a girl and overall I'm happy and excited. So far being pregnant has been great. The only thing I absolutely hate is morning sickness, which I haven't had since Christmas. I can't wait to get it over with because sleep is something I can hardly do right now. I always crave candy everyday all day, lol. Finding out that I was pregnant was the best day of my life! The first person to know was her father and my mom. They both were very excited. Eventhough we are sort of young, we will be great parents. Since I know the sex of the baby, naming her was sort of hard. Once I picked a name, I didn't tell anyone except her dad. I believe her name was meant to be JAIDA IMANI' :P because my mom called me the next day and said I think you should name her Jaida. So our little princess has a name. Being pregnant has been awesome and it is actually going by pretty fast. I hate that I'm due at the end of July but hey I have to deal with it!! In the end, it will be well worth it! Well, if there's anyone who wants to chat or any July moms who want to chat just message me.:D