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Hello BG! I am a 23 year old mom to a beautiful little girl named Zoie-Ann! Don't like the spelling of her name, I don't give a shit its not your child! She was born 6 weeks early at 3lbs 9oz 16 inches long on November 20 2009. She is my little munchkin and the love of my life.

This is my amazing boyfriend Matt. He came into my life at the worst time but I wouldn't' task for anyone better. He has helped me through a lot and I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect to complete my life. He stick by my side even though my life is in scrambles and makes me so happy. Truly gods gift to me

I am a jewelry in candle consultant. I sell soy based candles that come with a piece of jewelry in them. I have a Facebook page and a business page, so come take a look!
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