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I'm a mom to a sweet almost 8 year old daughter and a crazy 2 year old son. Married to a amazing man for almost 10 years.
Back in the day when I was only 21, Joe and I were surprised by pregnancy. We were so excited. at 5 months there were issues, I lost the baby. A DNC was done. It was the saddest day I've ever had experienced. After that we had 2 more pregnancies that were lost at around the 6 week mark. In 2004, We found out we were pregnant with my Devin. I surrounded myself with positive thoughts and was thankful for everyday that I felt her. She is my special Devin.heart-graphic11.pngthth722335ci0z21r7my.jpg
I announced my news today to my family! It is a stupid New Year's ecard...but they were not expecting it! haha. http://www.rattlebox.com/pickup/970847/rbdcd11be619d.html
My family is soooo happy for us. They thought that Devin was it. NO MORE KIDDO'S. There will be a 5 year age difference! Joe hasn't told his family yet. He will get creative some other way. I'm excited to see how he tells them.

1/7/10 I finally got a doctors appt for blood work and paperwork! 1/25/10! I'm looking forward to it. Sadly no u/s until the next visit. Boo! I am not a patient person...this is going to be hard!
So finally I have all my doctor appts scheduled for this month. 2/15 my Regular ob appt to do the routine visit. Then 2/23 for my high risk appt to do my first measurement of my cervix. Lets hope I don't have to be sewn up...lets hope that my cervix doesn't get any shorter. Trying to be optomistic! :)

2/23/10 Appt for my u/s. They said it was too early to measure my cervix. in a few more weeks I'll have another u/s done to check it. I did get to see Baby Barden kicking around like crazy! s*****g its baby thumb and the tiny bones in the hands and feet. Hiccups were awesome to watch too. I have 4 more visits in the next month and half. I'll get to see baby a lot more soon. I'm truely excited!

3/10/10 I had to see my doctor due to bleeding. Doctor said it was a threatened mc. Take it easy and He'll see my on the 15th. Still could hear the baby's hb. staying optomistic!
3/15/10 Doctor heard the baby's hearbeat again. Said my cervix is closed. YaY! I'll go back to him after my high risk appt on the 31st. Lets cross our fingers and hope we find out the sex on that visit!!!

3/31/10 Had our 16 week checkup and everything looks great! Cervix looks good and even found out we were having a BOY! His heart rate was 147. YaY! Next appt is 4/20 for the full anatomy u/s. Can't wait!

4/20/10 Just finished with my 19 week 4 day u/s visit. Cervix looks long and good! But the tech said my placenta is covering the entrance to the cervix partially. I have to go back 5/18 to see if it has migrated up. I hope so, I wanted a vaginal. Pleased with seeing baby move and play. Had his hands clasped together most of the time or above his head...hehe. she got a close up look at his nose and lips. He def has my nose and has plump lips! hehe. I can't wait for the next appt.

5/18/10 Baby Barden looks healthy! Measuring 5 days ahead still. He looks like he has long legs! I still have a low lying placenta but it did move up a little. I have another appt in 4 weeks. Doctor is very happy with the progress.

5/24/10 Found out I gained 25 lbs overall in this pregnancy...lol. Doctor said No way on me going to the gym for another 10 weeks. I have 2 doctors and both have opposite idea's. One says 60% less of what I'm use to doing at the gym and the other says no to the gym for 10 more weeks. I have another reg checkup a week after my high risk. I can't wait to see the lil guy June 15th, another U/S! yayayay. Measuring good and heart beat sounded healthy.

6/15/10 Had my appt today to check my cervix and my placenta. Cervix is closed and looking long, and the placenta is now 5 cm away from the cervix! YaY!!! Baby is 2 lbs and 13 oz and measuring a week and a half ahead of schedule. He is a BIG boy! Everything looks good, so I didn't need to make anymore high risk appts! I have my reg ob appt on the 22nd. soooo we will see how much weight I've gained :(.

6/21/10 Reg checkup was great. Strong heart beat. Gained 10 lbs :(... Haven't been eating a lot of junk. Wish I would have to justify the weight gain haha. I have my last 4 week checkup July 19th and then we are going every 2 weeks. Getting close! Can't wait!!!

7/19/10 Appt today was quick and easy. Baby was moving around a lot when the doc was listening to his heartbeat. I'm measuring good, but didn't get details on how big. I start going every 2 weeks now. Next appt is Aug. 5th. pretty exciting!

8/4/10 My appt was today, Went in a day early because of the uncomfortable feeling and shooting pains. Hunter is doing good, Doctor didn't seem too concerned. Just said to take it easy and rest when I can. I am excited because I start weekly visits!!! yay! I received a call to setup a appt for Aug. 27 to do an u/s check on Hunters weight. They just want to keep an eye on his weight because he measured over a week and a half a few visits back. My next reg ob appt is on the 12th. SUPER excited!!!

8/12/10 Doc appt went as normal. Checked my weight and vitals. Feeling icky. Have a cold. blah. I'm at the part of the pregnancy where I'm super tired. Hunter is moving around like crazy, its wonderful to be reassured that things are going as planned. Next appt is next week, Aug. 19th. Getting excited!

8/19/10 Doc appt was different this week. lost a lb. and was put on the stress level monitor. I was told we will be doing that weekly now. Hunter sounds healthy and has a strong heartbeat. I have 2 appts next week. 8/26 is my reg checkup and the 27th for a u/s on Hunters weight. Excited that its almost here!!!

8/26/10 Cervix is closed. But the doctor said he could feel Hunters head. He will see me next friday 9/3/10. My U/s appt is tomorrow! Can't wait!!!
8/27/10 Hunters estimated weight is 9 lbs and 5 oz! his head is measuring at 41 weeks and he is currently in the 97th percentile. I was asked to come in monday 8/30/10 instead of my scheduled appt 9/3/10. Wonder what they will say!

8/30/10 Doctor suggested C-section because his weight was large. So we went ahead and scheduled for it. Then on 8/31/10 my doctors office called and said they were having issues with the insurance company. 9/1/10 Went to my doctors office again and instead of c-section we are going to go ahead and induce starting thursday night and hopefully having Hunter Friday. I am getting a Foley inserted and then pitocin. Excited and scared. Scared because his head measured HUGE and his weight was estimated 9- 1/2 lbs.

9/3/10 Went in at 10pm on 9/2/10 to be induced. Finally had Hunter at 343pm weighing in at 9 lbs and 2 oz measuring 22 3/4" with a 14 1/2" head. The only time I felt frustrated was when I had to stop pushing because I had to wait for a room to deliver in. 10 other babies were born the same day.

9/28/10 Its been a little over 3 weeks since having Hunter. I feel so lucky to have a laid back baby. He is a hungry lil guy. I am a little slow at producing enough breast milk. My goal is to pump 3 times a day to get enough to give him after I've fed him.

11/5/2010 - Hunter had his 2 month checkup and boy did he grow! 15 lbs and is now 24 inches long. Poor kid had to get 3 shots and is feeling icky about it. I had the biggest frown :( He has eczema, so I'll have to adjust what I put on him. in 2 months he'll have his next appt!

1/03/2011 - 4 months old! I can't believe how fast my lil man has grown. 18 lbs and 26 inches long. He hasn't really rolled over while awake...has done it a few times sleeping. He smiles all the time and has a incredibly cute laugh.