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My name is Kristen and I am a proud mother of one gorgeous daughter, Sienna. Sienna was born in May 9, 2007. I have been married to Sienna's dad, Jeremy, since May 28, 2005. I have a B.A. in English and love literature, grammar, history of the language, just all aspects of my degree. Earning my English degree was fun and easy in my opinion! Please don't get mad if I correct your grammar or spelling. I can't help it it is in my nature! Just a quick grammar lesson:

I could have gone to the store.

I should have gone to the store.

I would have gone to the store.

It is NOT could of, should of, would of!!!

I see a ghost. Present Tense

I have seen a ghost. Present Perfect Tense

I saw a ghost. Past Tense

I had seen a ghost. Past Perfect Tense

I will see a ghost. Future Tense

I will have seen a ghost. Future Perfect Tense

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in April of 2010. I had to undergo a 12 hour surgery, which had the surgeon removing my entire thyroid, as well as over 200 lymph nodes. I also had to undergo radioactive iodine treatment in the months that followed. It was the most difficult thing I have ever been faced with and changed my life drastically. I am so grateful for everyday I am given and for my healthy family.

My Sienna Princess
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