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Interest I love spending time with my baby girl. She is my world!
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My name is Brittany! I'm 23 years old, and I will be transferring in as a Junior to UNLV this fall. I have 1 daughter named Aylah who was born on August 13th 2010. I spend as much time as I possibly can with her. I am very in tune with her and her needs. Our bond is unbreakable! <3 I am a HUGE believer in Attachment Parenting.
With that being said I am a mama who:
Baby wear
Responds to my daughters crys immediately
I will be trying to get prego in Jan or Feb of 2012 hopefully a boy (Non circ)
I do all vaccinations
Pro life but depending on the circumstance Pro choice
Although I listed MY beliefs above, I am non judgemental and will not attack anyone on their beliefs unless it is unsafe for the well being of the baby/child. I am a very friendly person and always open to meeting other mamas for playdates or coffee.