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Hi My Name is Tiara Im 19 years old and Expecting my 1st Child.. Right now I am 14 weeks along Im so anxious and ready to meet and hold My BABY! im also terrified Ive never gone through this before and so far it seems like a walk in the park but hard lol( if that makes any sence) So far ive had no morning sickness or anything of that nature but I do get extremley Fatigue and often feel as if im gonna faint & Those ughky Pregnancy pimples .At first I was worried and my doctor told me it was perfectly normal and everything is going good so thats a + Ive been hospitalized 3 times in the last few weeks mostly cause im a worry wort and I go for every abnormal thing I experience but its better to be safe then sorry. My family is super excited and very supportive esp my mom shes grabbing my stomach and talkin to the baby every chance she gets:? It's something I have to get used to cause im not comfortable with people touching me and now that im pregnant its like im no big but im showing and my belly is a hand magnet. My baby is due november 27.

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