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Age 25
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Nova Scotia
Kids 2
About Mommy:
Name: Selina
Age: 21
Height: 5`1

About Daddy:
Name: Brandon
Age: 23
Height: 5'8
Are you still together: been together since october 2005

About Your Pregnancy:
Is this your first pregnancy: no
When did you find out you were pregnant: September 1st
What was your first reaction: shocked, it was unexpected
Who was with you when you found out: Brandon and 2 close friends.
Who was the first person you told: ^
How did your parents react: wonderful
How far along are you: 17 weeks 4 days
What was your first symptom: nausea
What is your due date: May 11th, 2012 :)
Do you know the sex of the baby: no, and not finding out!
If so, what is it: ^
Have you picked out names: thought of a few
If so, what are they: boy: Jayce , Girl: Jade
How much weight have you gained: i have lost 20lbs
Do you have stretch marks: from previous pregnancy, yes.
Have you felt the baby move: felt first movement at 16 weeks, getting stronger now :)
Have you heard the heartbeat: not yet, hopefully will december 8th, 2011

About The Birth:
Will you keep the baby: of course
Home or hospital birth: Hospital
Natural or medicated birth: natural
Who will be in the delivery room with you: brandon, my sister and his mother
Will you breastfeed: no i dont think
Do you think you'll need a c-section: no
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time:i didnt the first time ..
What's the first thing you might say to him/her: your finally hereee!!!!
Would you let someone videotape the birth: no
Are you excited about the birth, or scared: Excited for him/her to be here, but not to be going into labor.

Other Random Questions:
Where was your baby conceived?: our bed
What race(s) will your baby be? From you and daddy?: caucasion
Do you have stretch marks yet?: yes
What was your first symptom?: nausea and fuller b**bs
Will your baby have godparents?: no
What is the baby's room theme?: yellow or light grreen
What was the first thing you bought for the baby?: nothing yet ):
If you already have kids, how do you think they will adjust to the new baby?: good i hope
Will you cloth diaper?: no....
BFing or formula?: formula
What is your favorite pregnancy book?: internet lol
What do you look forward to doing again once you are no longer pregnant?: nothing really
What physical features do you hope the baby will get from you?: hair
Is he ready to be a daddy?: hes already a daddy, and i great one :)
Are you ready to be a mommy?: already a mommmyyyy

1ST TRIMESTER1-4 weeks = 1 month- finished!
5-8 weeks = 2 months- finished!
9-13 weeks = 3 months- finished!
14-17 weeks = 4 months- Finished!
18-21 weeks = 5 months - Finished!
22-26 weeks = 6 months - Finished!
27-30 weeks = 7 months - Finished!
31-35 weeks = 8 months - Finished!
36-40 weeks = 9 months - Finished at 38.3 weeks !